Partnerships with near clients are the heart your sales, and substantial focus happens to be set in visualising and encounter their needs

Partnerships with near clients are the heart your sales, and substantial focus happens to be set in visualising and encounter their needs

Ultrabulk is a leading global dry out size agent, maintaining its clientele in maritime transportation requires inside Panamax, Supramax, Handysize, MPP and technical parceling work.

Collaborations with tight clients are the center individuals organization, and substantial focus was put into visualising and meeting their demands. Long-range sides push opportunities aimed towards establishing individual relationships and cooperation.

With an asset lamp business model and a stronger concentrate on chances examination, we’ve been a secure selection for your very own maritime transportation requirements.

Ultrabulk A/S happens to be a subsidiary of Ultranav, an independently held delivering service for more than six many years, headquartered in Chile and operating around the globe with organizations in 15 countries.

a€?A companion you’ll be able to trusta€?

Considering globally, functioning in your area

Ultrabulk is definitely headquartered in Gentofte, simply outside Copenhagen, Denmark. By way of the Ultranav class, we’ve solid links to South America and Chile particularly, but you likewise have a long traditions in Danish delivery with sources dating back to 1897 and a€?Rederiet Myrena€?, that was originally a portion of the generally renowned distance Asiatic providers (EAC).

Clients are offered from seven workplaces strategically located across the globe. The geographical spread of practices helps us to offer our partners in their own personal time period zone regarding Chartering and in addition Operation. Each company was encouraged with appropriate power to help make the suitable companies decisions in fast and efficient fashion.

Ultrabulk secret data

Business structure

Our relationship way of thinking is based on long-range relations, integrating freight deals and tonnage procurement into important basic on the Ultrabulk business model. These long-range relationships are schedule for a steady system and lasting potential growth.

a represented agent with specialised item, regional and exchange facts is actually used on each partner. This makes sure a soft dialogue and a constructive conditions, where all of us discover and fulfill all of our partnersa€™ requisite and concerns from start to finish.

Ultrabulk happens to be devoted to manage reducing by-products and minimising our personal green footprint. One of the greatest weather struggles your international transport industry is the IMO goal to decrease the general greenhouse fuel by-products (GHG) by at minimum 50percent by 2050.

Danger therapy was a a section of the companies platform. Focus belongs to rigorous equivalent handling both prior to getting into contracts and on a current base. The regulation software help with regards to checking developments and making certain issues is actually limited at appropriate pre-defined grade, which can be duly aligned with these system and commensurate with your monetary strength.

Center worth

Ultrabulk resides by some corporate prices, directing usa in our means of working. You always make an effort to feel a person you can depend on. If you would like know more about the principles all of us are living by, please view the General company principles.


Most of us aim to provide competition to the customers by anticipating and achieving their requirements

We all urge creative imagination and development, discover assistance being beyond the standard

We strive to regularly help the quality and advantages of services performed


We believe that particular contract and work very well completed makes a difference

Most of us challenge ourself to construct price and go beyond customersa€™ expectations

We are enthusiastic about the operate and all of our service


We all serve in a moral method, centered on durability and keeping our reputation

You motivate private and professional growth and a fair stability between services and exclusive life

Most of us promote organization heart in a multicultural surroundings, without discrimination of any sort


Our company is devoted to establishing and stimulating a good operating attitude onboard ships and ashore

Most people destination safety and health first, maintain overall health, lifestyle, atmosphere, cargoes and benefits free of issues

We believe that protection are a fundamental portion of our mind-set and solution to all of our organization achievements